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About me

I am a 36 years old photographer located in Vejle, Denmark. I am educated from the highly acclaimed Danish School of Media and Journalism and The University of Missouri.

As a photojournalist I am educated to have a story in my pictures. A picture can be beautiful in itself, but will with time become less interesting if it does not have a story to tell. My goal is to always have a story or a feeling in my photographs, no matter if the assignment is editorial or advertising.

In my job I experience many different situations and meet many different people. It is incredibly life-giving, and that is what I love about photography. I hope to through my pictures can give back to the people I meet and photograph, as well as to the society as a whole.

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What i offer

As a photojournalist I am educated to tell stories through my pictures. That´s why you will get different kind of family portraits and wedding pictures by hiring me. The pictures will not only be beautiful, but also have a story to tell.

Besides wedding and family pictures I do portraits, editorial work and business profiles.

If you have an assignment in mind, that is not describe here, don´t hesitate to contact me. I am always up for a challenge. If you something else in mind, that you don't find on this page, let me know

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